What are 3-Dee puzzles?

First lets clear up some confusion, these are not just three dimensional puzzles they are extra special 3-Dee puzzles. Dee has found a way to make a puzzle within a puzzle, to make your traditional art print puzzle stand up and sing! But we expect that from Dee.
So let us show you how this works.........

"The Clown 1906"

Kees Van Dongon - around 750 pieces
This idea came to her as she was finishing working a wooden jigsaw puzzle that had seamed to take way to long to put together. When the last piece went in it was bitter sweet. she was so happy to conquer the challenge but she was sad that the puzzle was finished. She wanted it to keep going on. Soooo, she thought what if it could keep going, another puzzle within a puzzle or a game within a puzzle. What if the whimsies could change, maybe tell a story, this was her thought process

Well it is a circus...

so we took three jumping doggies

from the clowns hat on the top left of the puzzle and

a little clown holding a hoop from the top right of the puzzle...
and we put them together so the little doggies are jumping through the little clowns hoop in the bottom left of the puzzle.

Now that's amazing!!
But we did not stop there

Our ringmaster will take it from here

Here are two pop up shadow whimsies

this lion tamer means business


This circus is really starting to come together.

How about some ...

Dainty Dancers on
Prancing Ponies


Rough riding bears on
big wheeled bikes.

I think this was the trickiest
for the puzzler to figure out how it goes together.

and now the grand finally.... steady, steady 10 acrobatic clowns form a clown pyramid

every standing whimsy came from somewhere in the puzzle and fit together somewhere else in the puzzle.

We can no longer get the print " The Clown ", so we are offering this print.

Elephant Circus

Pip Shuckburg / MGL Licensing

18" x 23"...820 pieces $1,600.00






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