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Welcome, your not in Kansas any more! Our very first hand painted limited edition, OZ the puzzle, is like no other puzzle you have ever done before. You match wits with us as you race to find a way home for Dorothy and Toto. Solve tricks and riddles as you move down the yellow brick road one tin at a time; collecting the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and the Lion as you head to the Emerald City. This is your first seven puzzles. Your adventures don't end there, the next seven puzzles are side puzzle of places Dorothy had to travel to find her way home. When you have solved all the challenges we have placed before you then you can send Dorothy home and you have won the game. But we have not made it easy for you. 14 puzzles come together to create OZ, based on the L. Frank Baum book from 1900. We have by design, added things to this puzzle that make it historic in nature, and this puzzle is a collector's dream. our first puzzles piece count was: 2,223 pieces $ 5,557.50

Steve and Dee Platinum Puzzles

The Odyssey

Prepare to match wits with the Gods You, as Odysseus face many monsters, Greek Gods and mythical creatures that will try to stump you. Just when the sea has battered your bones and Poseidon has broke you, we will say HA HA we win!!
Steve and Dee Platinum Puzzles
With the help of Athena and Hermes and a little luck you might finish this puzzle in less time it took our Greek hero to make it home. You will need a very large work space forthis puzzles it measures 29" - 57" the first puzzle had............. 3,890 pieces This puzzle is partly hand painted, partly print. This is a limited edition of only 50 puzzles. $ 9,725.00


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Platinum Puzzles prides themselves on creating unique, custom, handcut, wooden jigsaw puzzles. They don't want you to be just satisified, they want you to be down right giddy!

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A valuable object that has belonged to a family for generations. A handcut custom wooden jigsaw puzzle, from Platinum Puzzles. Nestles nicely into that catagory

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