Corporate Puzzles

A customized puzzle from Platinum Puzzles make a fantastic corporate gift.

If you are looking to make a BIG impression at a convention or to engage your workers in a team building event.

Small puzzles or one very large puzzle, we can help.

Here are a few samples of our corporate puzzles.

Missouri Veterans wooden jigsaw puzzle

wood jigsaw event large

Missouri Veterans Puzzles

We hand painted the Missouri Veterans Commission seal on two 36" circular wooden jigsaw puzzles for
their upcoming convention, they wanted to write the names of their workers on the back of each piece
to show they are all part of the big puzzle.

they created a large stand for the round puzzle to fit into, the other puzzle they gave everyone a piece to take home.
They later told us it was the show stopper at their event.



The Onecology Puzzle

We were contacted by a medical agency in New York City and asked if we could create a giant jigsaw puzzle
for their up coming convention in Las Vegas. When I say giant, I mean 16' - 20'.
They wanted something they could put together on the floor and than hoist it up onto a wall at the Venetian Hotel in Los Vegas to display.






After a lot of thought about how it could be done, we went with a product called Gator Board and hand painted their design,
we attached Velcro to the back and to the canvas. They wanted to have everyone sign a piece as they came through the door.
We completed the project on a tight deadline. And shipped it to Vegas.

Were a little company that can do some very big things. This is not the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, but were pretty sure it's the
largest gator board jigsaw puzzle in the United States of America.


We really love the challenge of creating a large corporate puzzle that rings your message loud and clear,
and brings a group together in celebration.

Estimates are time consuming, so we ask $250.00 per estimate that will be refunded when you place your order.

So you don't get sticker shock,The Onecology puzzle above cost $16,485.00

Both these puzzles were created to steal the show and will be remembered for ever. You do not need to go this big to be remembered.
How can we help you be remembered forever?
Call us at (603)632 -1105




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