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Butterfly Abound in "Poppyfield"
The Moon by "Alphonse Mucha"
The Shepherdess by "Winslow Homer"
The Sunflowers by Keith Mallett
Limited Edition "OZ"
Boy Fishing and a Windows of Flies
Honey Be Mine
Schooner by "Tim Campbell"
Daphodils by Jessie Wilcox Smith
Princesses on Prancing Ponies - 3Dee
Rob Loves Stella Valentine
The Toy Workshop by "Norman Rockwell"
The Duck Pond, Swirlcut by "Mary Cassatt"
The Bee Eater by "Graeme Steverson"

Platinum Pieces
Nugget by "Dean Russo" Art Licensing
Holiday Smiles by "Mc Neil Studios" Art Licensing
The Good Samaritan in Greek Key Cut by "Vincent Vangogh"
The Marbled Seahorse by "Platinum Puzzles"
Platinum Puzzle Pieces

About Platinum Puzzles

Platinum Puzzles prides themselves on creating unique, custom, handcut, wooden jigsaw puzzles. They don't want you to be just satisified, they want you to be down right giddy!

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Platinum Puzzles Heirloom

A valuable object that has belonged to a family for generations. A handcut custom wooden jigsaw puzzle, from Platinum Puzzles. Nestles nicely into that catagory

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